Help Understanding the Terminology in Sex Personals

Many people will use acronyms and abbreviations in their personal ads. This helps to keep the ad shorter, and if there is a word limit it can help get everything you want to say in without going over the word count. Most people already know the common ones, like BBW, BDSM, LTR, etc. But what about when you run across less commonly used terms? Here’s a quick guide that goes over some of the lesser known terms that you may run across.

WE, AT, HM, and VGL

These are terms that many people stay away from because they imply arrogance. You may still run across them from time to time. WE stands for ‘well endowed’, AT means ‘all that’, HM is short for ‘handsome male’ and VGL is ‘very good looking’. People who post these terms in their profile are likely very picky and typically very arrogant.

NK, NM, DM, and DF

These are terms that are becoming more common to find in profiles. This has to do with children and past relationships. NK means ‘no kids’, NM means ‘not married’, DM is short for ‘divorced male’, and DF is ‘divorced female’. These are more common in profiles of those seeking long term situations.

X, BS, C, CD, and DL

These terms are specifically for sexual acts and preferences. X means extreme, and these people are looking to play outdoors or participate in other activities, such as dogging, that could be considered extreme. BS typically means bisexual. C usually denotes a couple looking to play. CD is someone who enjoys cross dressing, and DL is someone who wants to keep the relationship private, and means down low.

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 General