Web Cam Personals to Put Spice Back In Your Sex Life

Whether you are going through a dry spell or a vanilla spell, web cam personals can really put the spice back into your sex life. You will find that you usually will feel a lot more confident and outgoing whenever you are talking to a person through your webcam. You will be able to see what you look like and try to position yourself in a way that is the most desirable. You can also control the way the lighting looks and at what angle they see you at.

How to Web Cam

It is important that whenever you are talking to a person via web cam that you make an effort to still make eye contact. This may seem odd because when you look at the person on the screen this is not actually showing eye contact. Every so often, look up into the camera in a flirtatious way. It may seem silly at first but you will soon get used to it and be able to make their knees weak with every batting of your eye lashes.

The Benefits of Web Cams

The great thing about a web cam is the fact that you can control what happens. If a conversation is not going where you want it to go and it doesn’t seem to get any better you can easily get out of the situation. You will also not have to worry about leaving the house or trying to find a restaurant or meeting place that you have never heard of before. The way you dress will also be more laid back.

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Cyber Swinging VS Real Swinging

When it comes to cyber swinging VS real swinging there are a few things that you will need to think about. As a swinger you will need to make sure that you understand these two options that are available to you. Whether you are just starting out or have been swinging for a while both of these options can provide a lot of benefits.

Cyber Swinging Benefits

Cyber swinging is something that works really well for people that are especially shy or new to swinging. Whenever you cyber swing you will be able to get the chance to get a taste of what swinging is all about without being in a club or at another person’s house. You will be in the comfort of your own home and having sex as you normally would only there will be a camera with people watching.

Real Swinging Benefits

Real swinging is something that is going to be a lot more for the person that is ready to try the real thing. Whenever you are swinging for real you may be in a swinger’s club or at a swinger’s meeting and you will have a lot more people there. You will need to be ready to swing with whomever and whenever when swinging for real.


If you want to swing without having to worry about feeling too uncomfortable, then cyber swing. However, if you want to swing for real and not have to deal with the internet, then do it for real. Cyber swinging is also better for protection against STDs.

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Help Understanding the Terminology in Sex Personals

Many people will use acronyms and abbreviations in their personal ads. This helps to keep the ad shorter, and if there is a word limit it can help get everything you want to say in without going over the word count. Most people already know the common ones, like BBW, BDSM, LTR, etc. But what about when you run across less commonly used terms? Here’s a quick guide that goes over some of the lesser known terms that you may run across.

WE, AT, HM, and VGL

These are terms that many people stay away from because they imply arrogance. You may still run across them from time to time. WE stands for ‘well endowed’, AT means ‘all that’, HM is short for ‘handsome male’ and VGL is ‘very good looking’. People who post these terms in their profile are likely very picky and typically very arrogant.

NK, NM, DM, and DF

These are terms that are becoming more common to find in profiles. This has to do with children and past relationships. NK means ‘no kids’, NM means ‘not married’, DM is short for ‘divorced male’, and DF is ‘divorced female’. These are more common in profiles of those seeking long term situations.

X, BS, C, CD, and DL

These terms are specifically for sexual acts and preferences. X means extreme, and these people are looking to play outdoors or participate in other activities, such as dogging, that could be considered extreme. BS typically means bisexual. C usually denotes a couple looking to play. CD is someone who enjoys cross dressing, and DL is someone who wants to keep the relationship private, and means down low.

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The Type of Personals Adverts There Are For Sex

When you start looking through adverts for sex you will find there are several kinds. It can get confusing if you don’t understand all the terms, and you could end up wasting a lot of time replying to ads just to find out it’s not even close to what you are looking for. If you are looking for sex adverts, here are some things you should know.

FWB or NSA Adverts

When you run across personal adverts that use the terms NSA or FWB, these are people who are looking for sex without dealing with a relationship. FWB means friends with benefits. The people looking for this are looking for someone they can form a connection with, hang out sometimes, and end the evening with sex. They don’t want to deal with a relationship or jealousy or anything else that comes with it. NSA means no strings attached. These ads are for people who aren’t necessarily looking for friends, just sex. They may be in town for a short period of time, married, or just have hectic schedules. These will often be one night stands, but if you get along and have a good time you may be able to hook up occasionally for sex and nothing else from time to time.

BBW or BBM Adverts

This is another common term found in personal adverts for sex. If you see the term BBW or BBM, this means the person is larger in size. Some men will post they are seeking BBW for play. This means they are open to larger women contacting them. You may also see some ads that say they don’t want a BBW or BBM, meaning they aren’t looking for anyone with a larger than average build.

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