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Finding Swinger Personals for Couples

Couples seeking other swingers to play with will have luck if they know where to look. If you are a single looking for a couple, or a couple looking for others to play with, you have several options available. Here are just a few places you can look.

Swingers Dedicated Forums

Swinger’s forums can be a great asset for those involved with the lifestyle. You can find forums that cater to the community in your area as well if you want to find some local couples to attend events with. In a forum you have several sub-forums. Almost all swingers’ forums have at least one sub-forum dedicated to personal ads. You can scroll through the ads, post your own, or even search for certain keywords and terms with in the forums. A lot of forums will require that you are an active member before you can respond to posts in this sub-forum. This is to keep people who aren’t serious and just playing around online from being able to waste the time of those who are serious. The terms can vary, but on average will include that you must be a member for at least seven days and have 20 posts or responses in other areas before you can access the personals forum.

Online Swinger Dating Sites

These sites may cost you money, whereas the forums don’t, but for those who want a bigger selection of couples the small fee may be worthwhile. With these dating sites you can search for profiles of couples looking for others, and you can narrow down the results based on your area. You will also have the option of setting up your own ad, allowing you to get responses from others looking for what you can offer.

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